Originating in New Zealand & Made in Germany and EU

Our special natural materials are spun directly in New Zealand and manufactured into sustainable fashion in knitting factories in Germany and the EU.

Luxury Products of the Highest Quality

Through different yarn blends, the unique character traits of individual natural fibers are individually highlighted. The fine textures captivate with their softness and extreme lightness, becoming a luxury product of the highest quality. Our classic is a blend of fine New Zealand Merino wool, exquisite Possum hair from the Brushtail Possum, and fine silk. The yarn spun in New Zealand is processed in Germany and the EU into soft and warm luxury knitwear that combines natural elegance and functionality with timeless cuts. Our fashion stands for responsible production that contributes to nature, the environment, and people.

New Zealand - A Nature's Paradise

New Zealand is a natural paradise. On the island group, separated from other land masses, an extraordinary flora and fauna has developed. A breathtaking landscape with deep fjords, active volcanoes, lush green hills, secluded and pristine beaches surrounded by the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean, and mountain ranges covered with wild green tree ferns and glaciers. This natural beauty is inhabited by penguins, whales, fur seals, albatrosses, and exceptional parrots, the semi-dinosaur Tuatara, and a variety of native birds such as the flightless national bird, the Kiwi.

However, the sparsely populated country with its rare animal species has a hostile rodent, the Brushtail Possum. The Australian marsupial, introduced in 1837 by the first settlers, bred uncontrollably for over 100 years. The furry predator has no natural enemies and causes enormous damage to the forests and wildlife.

Possums ruthlessly eat fruits, tree shoots, bird eggs, and chicks and within a few decades managed to drive many native species to the brink of extinction. This charming animal thus destroys the unique ecological balance of New Zealand. To protect the threatened flora and fauna, the country's animal protection endorses controlled hunting to reduce the population of Brushtail Possums.

This product is thus the world's first Eco-Fur that can be worn with a good environmental conscience.   We are aware that the quality of raw materials depends on a healthy environment and good living conditions for animals and humans. That's why we care about where our raw materials come from.

The Five Freedoms of Merino Sheep

The animals are free from thirst and have access to sufficient food
The animals can move naturally and freely on vast grazing land

Weather Protection
The animals have access to shelters that protect against sun, wind, and cold
No Mulesing

The animals are free from unnecessary suffering. Therefore, mulesing, the painful removal of skin and wool around the hindquarters, is avoided.

Medical Care
The animals are regularly monitored medically to prevent diseases

Advantages of the Yarns

The Merino wool and Cashmere are air-permeable and breathable. With these material properties, the fibers can warm the body in cold and cool it in warmth. Besides the temperature-regulating property, they can absorb a third of their own weight in moisture and neutralize odors. 

The Possum hair is a very fine hollow fiber. This structure forms an air cushion inside the fiber, which warms and is simultaneously light. Furthermore, the Possum hair reduces the formation of pills that can occur through friction while wearing. Thus, pilling remains in the area of the natural Low-Pilling-Effect. Adding pure Silk allows the product to maintain its shape and elasticity. With our lightweight fiber blend, we produce a warm luxury knitwear from 100% natural materials that seduces the senses with its softness.

  • Only in the special wool wash program - Wool cold
  • Mild wool detergent 
  • With the smallest spin cycle

  • Wash and rinse at consistent temperatures 
  • Do not rub or bleach 
  • Do not wring out after washing, 
  • only gently squeeze in a terry towel, then let dry lying flat 
  • Do not use the tumble dryer Iron/Steam at medium temperature 
  • Dry cleaning possible

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