Luxury-knitwear - Made in Germany

First-class textiles with love for humans and the environment is Eco-Fashion produced in Germany with high demands on fairness and sustainability. Our raw material, the eco-yarn, comes from New Zealand and is a featherlight fibre mixture of 100% natural material. From this we create a soft and warm luxury knitwear that combines timeless design with natural elegance and functionality. Our fashion stands for responsible production and contribution to nature, the environment and the human being.

"Fashion by pos∙sei∙mo means fashionable und functional wearing with good environmental awareness"

Marianne Kischka, Neuseelandhaus Bergkamen, New Zealand expert


Fairs 2023


Nordstil Hamburg: 14.01. - 16.01.2023 (Stand B7.0 F45)

Innatex Hofheim - Wallau: 21.01. - 23.01.2023 (OG Stand 102) leaves Green Button


An exciting and inspiring time is coming to an end, is leaving the Green Button on December 31, 2021. We wish the Green Button all the best for the future.


Summer Fairs 2020



Innatex Wallau         27 February 21 - 1st March 21 (OG Stand 101)

"Green Button" Award


There he is, the Grüner Knopf Award that adorns our main office. We are pioneers in sustainable knitwear and one of the first 27 companies that received the Grüner Knopf certificate from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) on September 9, 2019. The Grüner Knopf is a official state seal that guarantees socially and ecologically manufactured textiles. The seal is intended to make it easier for consumers to find their way around recognizing fairly produced and traded textiles.

Green Product Award 2018 has applied for the Green Product Award - an international competition for innovative and sustainable products. The innovation of the two yarn blends and their sustainable production and the production of our knitwear convinced the jury in the first step. We were took up to the Green Product Selection and were nominated for the Green Product Award 2018.

Environmental Innovation Prize 2017


At the congress of the Sustainable Textile School in Chemnitz, achieved a 2nd place within the Environmental Innovation Prize 2017. A prize that encourages us as a producer to continue our passion for a green and fair textile industry. At the same time, we would like to thank you, because you, too, as a customer set a sign and take responsibility for our environment.

Green Button Award
Green Product Award 2018
Sustainable Textile School Environmental Innovation Prize 2017