pos∙sei∙mo New Zealand Knitwear

warm and cozy

50% merino virgin wool, 40% possum hair, 10% silk.


pos∙sei∙mo New Zealand Knitwear is composed of high quality merino wool, exquisite possum hair and fine silk. The possum hair comes from the Brushtail Possum, an animal whose home is not New Zealand and has no natural animal enemies there. In order to keep the flora and fauna in balance the possums are hunted and their hair is used for the production of yarns. 

These special natural materials are spun directly in New Zealand. Our sustainable fashion is then created in a knitting factory in Thuringia - eco - fair - sustainable

Seamless Knitting

A fascinating story of innovation and passion

Posseimo dances to the rhythm of Seamless Knitting - a fascinating story of innovation and passion.


What does this mean for us? Quite simply: it means we stay true to our mission of creating unique and stylish clothing, but now with an added new dimension of comfort and elegance. Seamless knitting allows us to reinvent fashion by vastly expanding the boundaries of traditional knitting.


Why do we love it? Because Seamless Knitting not only makes our garments more seamless, but also makes them more comfortable to wear. It feels like you're wearing a custom-made piece of art, without any annoying seams. This is real luxury.


What changes? Nothing fundamental. Our philosophy of seeing fashion as an expression of yourself remains unchanged. Seamless knitting complements our offering and expands your options for living out your style. It becomes an option that meets the needs of our diverse community.


Seamless knitting is significantly transforming the textile industry by minimizing the cost of making-up, as garments are knitted in one piece, as well as yarn loss. This leads to an impressive increase in efficiency in the production process and effectively used resources.


Posseimo remains the place where fashion is art and art becomes wearable. Our love for fashion goes hand in hand with our love for comfort and elegance. With Seamless Knitting we are taking another step towards an even more exciting future of fashion.

Come and experience the fascination of seamless knitting with us at Posseimo - where your individuality and our commitment to quality come together.

Summit by pos∙sei∙mo

fine seductive lightness

Summit by pos∙sei∙mo stands for the summit of luxury fibers. In this way, products are created from the blend of high-quality merino wool combined with noble cashmere, or the cashmiredel (noble cashmere ) hair combines with the exquisite possum hair and fine silk to create a balanced triad of noble fibers. And for the lovers of the pure form, we process the soft hair of the cashmere goat living in New Zealand into an exclusive knitted product made of 100% cashmere. 

Due to the different yarn blends, the special character of individual natural fibers is individually emphasized. The fine textures of natural fibers captivate with their softness and extreme lightness and become a luxury product of the highest quality


40% cashmere, 40% possum hair, 20% silk

Here, the exquisite possum hair and fine silk combine with the noble cashmere to create a luxury product of the highest quality. The extremely fine texture of natural fibers seduces the senses with its softness and lightness. The knitted garment hugs the body, retains warmth, has a pleasant feel and always exudes a touch of elegance in everyday wear

85% ZQ Merino virgin wool, 15% NZ Cashmere 

Our merino wool comes from farms that have joined the New Zealand Merino Company Ltd. The Merino Company has introduced the ZQ Merino Certificate, which stands not only for wool quality, but also for social responsibility, environmental sustainability and animal welfare. "Five freedoms" form the 


Criteria for animal welfare. The animals 


  • are free from thirst and have access to sufficient food.
  • can move naturally and freely on vast pastureland.
  • have access to shelters that protect them from sun, wind and cold.
  • are free from unnecessary suffering. Therefore, mulesing, the painful removal of skin and wool from the rump, is avoided.
  • Are medically monitored on a regular basis to prevent disease. 

In addition, the certified ZQ Merino wool can be traced back to each individual farmer.

 100% NZ Cashmere 

Although unknown, the cashmere goat is also native to New Zealand as well as regions of Asia. Since the 1980s, the precious hair of the cashmere goat has been used there for yarn production. Our cashmere comes from the farm of the couple David and Robyn Shaw. Their cashmere goats produce high quality New Zealand Cashmere under high social, environmental and ethical standards and therefore they belong to the farmers of the first world countries for cashmere production. 


Cashmere from New Zealand. The new cashmere. A beautiful yarn 

Eco-knit is chic

The timeless design combines functional feel-good spirit with elegance. Clear and simple cuts matched with special details such as original knitting patterns, buttons or pocket attachments. Whether coat, sweater, cape, poncho or shrug - our fashion is versatile and suitable for any occasion. The Shrug, our universal favorite for women, emphasizes the feminine silhouette without being overbearing and is also suitable for cool summer evenings. In addition, we experimented with different knitting techniques in the knitting room. The result is a super lightweight All Weather Clothing line. With its chunky knit, it's an all-rounder for a breezy casual look throughout the season. The soft material adds a stylish lightness to the classic and strict business look of men's sweaters. With our accessories such as hats, headbands, scarves and gloves, we always make you look chic even in winter. 

pos∙sei∙mo pieces are my favorites:

"Even after many years of wearing it, I can't do without my cardigan. The great feel of this wool is like a second skin, fashionably accompanying me in everyday life."

Bärbel Fuchs, longtime customer

The tactile softness of the material sets it apart from conventional wool and makes knitwear a very special garment: Merino wool and cashmere is air-permeable and breathable. With the material properties, the fibers can warm the body when it is cold and cool when it is hot. In addition to the thermoregulating property, they can absorb a third of their own weight in moisture and neutralize odors. Possum hair is a very fine hollow fiber. Due to this nature, an air cushion is formed inside the fiber, making it warm and light at the same time. Furthermore, the possum hair reduces the formation of nodules, which can occur due to friction when worn. This keeps the pilling within the range of the natural low-pilling effect. The addition of pure silk allows the product to maintain its shape and elasticity. With our feather-light fiber blend, we produce a warm luxury knitwear made of 100% natural materials, which seduces the senses with its softness.