keystone: eco - fair - sustainable

slow fashion instead fast fashion

timeless fashion instead of fast moving trends and mass production

Made in Germany = short distances in production and design

Text: Eco + Fair + Sustainable and a landscape in the background

Fashion in harmony with nature and human

We have set ourselves the task of creating fashion that contributes to the ecological balance of New Zealand's nature, guarantees the greatest transparency in the production of fashion textiles and keeps the CO2-footprint as small as possible.

How? ... Simply by thinking fashion slow! We don't do mass production. Eco, Fair and Sustainable is our fashion!


The faces behind are Marianne Birkenfeld and Nelly Peters. As designers we do not pursue fast-paced fashion trends, but relies on sustainability. The design is characterized by a deliberate timeless cut and inspires with high-quality natural materials and fashionable longevity.

Our company uses eco-yarn from New Zealand. This way we help to preserve the unique environment for which the country is well known. In addition, our sustainable fashion is produced in a traditional knitting mill in Thuringia, East Germany. The production conditions and social standards in the New Zealand and Germany locations are spotless. emphasizes on fair and sustainable production. The proximity to the knitting mill allows us to have a direct insight and influence on the individual steps in the production of our knitwear. In addition, we do not mass produce but focus on the needs of our customers. With the purchase of our fashion, you hold a product in your hand, which from design to production is a complete „Made in Germany“ product.