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Bremen Fashion Days

From June 14th to 18th with live program in the city center

3. June 2022

Bremen, May 27th, 2022. From June 14th to 18th, the Bremen Fashion Days present more than 50 national and international fashion designers together with local retailers, artists and musicians. With pop-up campaigns, fashion shows, art exhibitions and dance performances, the city of Bremen is turning into the fashion hotspot of the north.


In 20 stores and on 6 stages there are pop-up campaigns, fashion shows, designer talks and a varied art and culture program to discover throughout Bremen city. Organizer Ingo Müller - Dormann from gib marketing & events GmbH promises: "With the Bremen Fashion Days we want to turn the city center into a place of experience. "The innovative event format offers all Bremen residents an experience with a sustainable character and regional reference. The aim is to involve as many players as possible and to inspire guests to visit the city center over the long term. The event is supported by the WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH.


Trendy slow fashion brands such as Frozen Hibiskus (Berlin) or Angels Ambition (Passau) will be there. Bremen fashion designers such as Blaukraut and Posseimo are also represented. Fashion brands from Warsaw, Kraków and Kaunas provide international flair. The HfK University of the Arts presents itself with its own exhibition. The participating stores include the Faex Concept Store, Modehaus Ristedt and Harms am Wall. King Kong Superstore, Fairtragen, and Flio Design. The Bremen Fashion Days will open on June 14th on the stage of the Open Space Domshof with a live show and designers. Interested parties can find the program at custom made

Made in Germany is the new Cool

1. April 2022

Our models in your desired color and size. From now on you can have your favorite models individually manufactured by us. More information under the button custom made.

Company anniversary - 30 years of textile production in Germany

16 December 2020

The knitting factory Helmut Peterseim in Mühlhausen turned 30 on December 14th. We warmly congratulate on the company anniversary! Industrial production of textiles and clothing is still an exception in Germany today. And the knitting factory in Thuringia is such an exception. Shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990, Helmut Peterseim founded Peterseim Strickwaren GmbH. It was time to take advantage of new opportunities and turn a vision into a company. Over the years, the knitting manufacturer had to adapt its structures and products, be open to new possibilities, demonstrate a willingness to innovation and show readiness for change. With this, Helmut Peterseim managed to defy all adversities in the textile sector. Before he retired, in 2017 he handed the company over to a group of shareholders who also represent his views of tradition, value and innovation. High-quality production of knitwear in Germany as sustainable action in the time of the new economy. Together with their loyal employees, they pursue their motivation "presence consists in niches and intrinsic value" and this motivation is what makes the company so successful.

30 years of knitting from Germany - that deserves a big applause. Congratulations!

Here you can read how the company Peterseim Strickwaren GmbH looks back on a successful existence with a lot of creativity and perseverance and what drives it further on.


Anniversary publication - 30 years of textile production in Mühlhausen, Thuringia

Together through the corona pandemic

9 December 2020

Shortly after the new year 2020 started, the virus pandemic Covid-19 spread across the world. The pandemic has a huge impact on all areas of our lives. The fashion industry in particular had to react quickly in order to hold the existing supply chain framework together. We are now in the last month of 2020. The corona pandemic still has the world under control, but we are slowly learning to deal with it, to continue to operate creatively and to defy the situation through value in material and quality in production.

We asked our two business partners, the Peterseim knitting mill in Mühlhausen and the Woolyarns spinning mill in New Zealand, about their summary of the effects of the corona pandemic. Despite all the difficulties, we stick together and look forward to the new year 2021! is forward to the Swedish fashion market

13 November 2020

In Sweden, more and more people are interested in ecologically and fairly produced fashion. According to the "Target Market Analysis Green Shopping in Sweden" by the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, the purchase decision for many Swedes does not only depend on the design, but the factors quality and sustainability also play a major role.

We took part in a digital business trip to Sweden from 10.11.20 to 12.11.20 as part of the BMWi market development program. Together with other fashion brands from the sustainable sector, the current trends and developments in the Swedish fashion industry were discussed and contacts to retailers were established.


With a click on the picture you get to the promotional video of our brand's digital trip to Sweden from the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

The "Green Button" celebrates its first birthday

9 September 2020

We are celebrating a year of GRÜNER KNOPF together with Brigitte magazine and congratulate all pioneers who have worked with great commitment for this governmental seal and have now been able to carry this certificate since 09.09.2019.

For us, sustainability begins with the design and that includes sustainable favorite items for on the way, such as our shrug combined with a Grüner Knopf T-shirt.


Pioneer of the "Green Button": organic clothing

15 September 2019

We are one of the first 27 companies to be awarded the Grüner Knopf Certificate by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development on September 9th. Just in time for the introduction of the state's Grüner Knopf seal, we are launching our third label - organic clothing. Women's and men's T-shirts made from soft organic cotton are the first products to be allowed to bear the Grüner Knopf seal. With the additional IVN Best and GOTS certifications, our textiles meet the requirements of the govermental seal. The raw material cotton is obtained in organic agriculture from natural seeds, without artificial fertilizers and pesticides. The processing and manufacture of the cotton is carried out according to the ecological and sustainable guidelines of IVN Best and GOTS. The Grüner Knopf seal makes it easier for consumers to find their way around textiles that are produced in a socially and ecologically sustainable manner.

Visit us on the Green Campus of the Internationale Handwerksmesse München (IHM)

1st March 2019

The Green Product Award has been honoring innovative and sustainable design products since 2013, creating a public platform for international students, designers, agencies and manufacturers. This year the Green Product Award is represented at the special Green Campus area at the International Crafts Fair Munich (IHM). As a nominated company with the Green Product Award 2018 from the fashion sector, we should of course not be missing. You can find us from 03/13/19 to 03/17/19 on the IHM Green Campus, the largest green market area in Europe.

Green Campus at the International Crafts Fair Munich (IHM)

Hall B2 / 02G does the pilling test

22 February 2019

What is pilling? We speak of pilling when small fibers loosen from the wool due to friction while wearing an item of clothing and form pebbles. What about pilling with our products? We wanted to know and sent knitting samples to a laboratory. With the Martindale method, our two yarn blends were tested according to the pilling behavior DIN EN ISO 12945-2. The knitting samples were subjected to a mechanical friction of 1000 turns against each other. Our yarn mix of merino, possum fibre and silk achieved only a slight and isolated pod formation on the wool material with this high number of tours. The cashmere-possum fibre-silk mixture showed no change with the same number of tours. The very positive result is due to the possum fibre. This component in our mixture ensures that the nodule formation remains in the range of the natural low-pilling effect. This means that our knitwear will retain its place in the wardrobe of every wool lover for a long time.

Martindale Pilling Test Procedure


In the magazine 360 ​​Grad New Zealand tells how it all began

28 January 2019

Do you want to know how the cuddly soft knit came to Germany and who are the creative minds at You can read about it in this year's first edition of 360 Degrees New Zealand. introduces itself.

The magazine 360 ​​Grad New Zealand reports on the program ´Predator Free 2050´ - a measure to preserve the native species protection of New Zealand

21 January 2019

Introduced predators such as rats, ermines and possums have long threatened the vegetation and wildlife in New Zealand. With 'Predator Free 2050', the government-supported program, new research approaches and technologies are to be developed. With the help of this program and the existing methods, native species protection is to be sustainably protected and freed from predators.


Nature conservation plays just as important a role in our company as the fair production of textiles. With the use of possum hair in our yarn we would like to draw attention to the threatened habitat of plants and animals in this fascinating country.


The article was made available to us with the kind support of 360 Grad New Zealand (1/2019).


Would you like to learn more about New Zealand? Then please click here.


New Zealand starts the program ´Predator Free 2050´ (article from 360 Degrees New Zealand)


Extending our collection: Summit by pos.sei. mo 2019

2nd January 2019

Last year we launched the Summit by label with four knitting models made from the yarn mixture cashmere, possum fibre and silk. A new mix of materials that is characterized by pure lightness and extreme softness. Not only did our customers like it, we also had fun experimenting with the innovative yarn mix in the knitting design. We are delighted to start the new year 2019 with the New Zealand Knitwear label, with the first Summit collection made of cashmere, possum fibre and silk. The highlights of the Summit by collection are contrasting motifs and sleeveless knitwear. is nominated for the Green Product Award 2018

15 June 2018 has applied for the Green Product Award - an international competition for innovative and sustainable products. The innovation of the two yarn blends and their sustainable production and the production of our knitwear convinced in the first step. We were thus included in the Green Product Selection and nominated for the Green Product Award 2018.


After slow food comes slow fashion!

Green Product Award Selection 2018

Think spring, wear Summit by

29 March 2018

Spring is in the starting blocks. The icy temperatures are over, the snow begins to melt and lures the first buds on the branches. With the warm rays of the sun, the flowers show their delicate colors and leave behind the monochrome winter landscape. For our new fashion label Summit by, we were inspired by the delicate colors of spring. In the cool silver color and the pastel bloom we are starting the spring with a new yarn mix. The fine cashmere-possum-silk mix makes the knit even softer and light as a feather. What is so special about this spring companion? Find it out in the current magazine of natural nature.


Here you come to natürlich natur

An important guest at the knitting mill Peterseim

13 December 2017

Last week, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier visited Thuringia. Despite a tight schedule, he did not miss a visit to the Strickerei Peterseim in Mühlhausen, to convince himself of the high quality of the manufactured knitwear. And as some already know, is a real "Made in Germany" product, which is knitted by our partner Peterseim.


13 October 2017

On October 5th we were visited by the local press, the Weserkurier, the Osterholzer Kreisblatt, the Osterholzer Anzeiger and the Hammereport. Marianne Birkenfeld answered the curious questions of the reporters. This has resulted in great newspaper articles about our company.


Here you can find the article of the Weserkurier.

Sustainable and fair fashion pays off!

20 September 2017 was awarded the Environmental Innovation Prize 2017 of the Sustainable Textile School of Chemnitz. The city, known as a technology hub for textile machinery, hosted the competition for innovative, sustainable and ecologically fair textile products. Among the international applicants, pos∙sei∙mo was able to prevail with his products in the categories "politics", "production fabric" and "supply chain" and was awarded the second prize.

As a prize, the Sustainable Textile School awarded the winners the Chemnitz Landmark, a miniature Karl Marx head
As a prize, the Sustainable Textile School awarded the winners the Chemnitz Landmark, a miniature Karl Marx head

Marianne Birkenfeld in an interview at the green portal lifeVERDE

15 August 2017

LifeVERDE, an internet portal dedicated to the "green lifestyle", interviewed Marianne Birkenfeld, head of, extensively.


Why did New Zealand inspire you so much?

What's special about the world's first eco-fur?

What are you particularly proud of?

Which trends in sustainable fashion do you find particularly exciting?


Read the answer in the interview. Available for download here. 


Here you come to lifeVERDE.


New knitting techniques in the collection 2017

15 December 2016, up to now known for cuddly warm Knitwear for the cool season, now offers a super lightweight All Weather Clothing line. We have experimented a lot in knitting and came out with an open, casual and fine knitwear.

The open coarse-knitwear complements our existing designs perfectly for mild summer evenings.


Download the 2017 catalog on the cover of the  "natürlich natur" magazine

16 February 2016

At the Innatex fair we were surprised: The magazine "natürlich natur" chose one of our pictures for their cover of the current issue. We were very happy about that and also think that it is a perfect choice.


Here you can download the magazine:

magazine "natürlich natur"

Hot of the press: Our new catalog "Collection 2016"

1st December 2015

We are pleased to hold our freshly printed brochure for the presentation of the "2016 Collection" in our hands. We could further improve the design and there are new yarn colors in the program. Our models "Nelly and Klaas" present the fine pieces in the friendly autumn light. If you are interested in the brochure, please contact us or download it as pdf in the download area of the website.