Our high-value yarn, from the heart of New Zealand, is processed into a high-quality product by a German knitting mill.

New Zealand: Luxurious Eco-Yarn

New Zealand is a natural paradise. Separated from other land masses, an extraordinary flora and fauna has developed on this island group. A breathtaking landscape is riddled with deep fjords, active volcanoes and lush green hills. Unspoiled beaches are surrounded by the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean and mountain ranges covered by wild green ferns and glaciers. This natural beauty is inhabited by penguins, whales, seals, albatrosses, extraordinary parrots, the semi-dinosaur Tuatara and a large number of domestic birds, such as the Kiwi, the flightless national bird.


But the sparsely populated country with its rare animal species has a hostile rodent, the Brushtail Possum. The Australian marsupial, introduced in 1837 by the first settlers, bred uncontrolled for over a hundred years. The furry robber has no natural enemies and causes enormous damage to forests and wild animals. Possums are devouring fruit, tree shoots, birds and their eggs, and within a few decades have managed to drive many native species to the brink of extinction. The Possum thereby destroys the unique ecological balance of New Zealand. To protect the endangered fauna and flora, animal welfare organizations advocate controlled hunting to reduce the population of the Brushtail Possum. This creates the first eco-fur in the world, and it can be worn with good environmental conscience.


We are aware that the quality of raw materials depends on a healthy environment and good living conditions for animals and people. That is why we pay attention to where our raw materials come from.

The spinning mill: Possum Fibre, Cashmere, Merino Wool and Silk

Our New Zealand partner Woolyarns spins naturally: The spinning mill obtains the exquisite possum hair from suppliers who strictly adhere to the country's ecological hunting guidelines. The high-quality merino wool comes from farms that are certified with the ZQ Merino seal and whose sheep are in the free nature throughout the whole year. The noble cashmere is supplied by the farmer couple Shaw, for whom the health and well-being of the animals are also a top priority. The yarns are dyed according to European standards with environmentally friendly colors, which do not contain any harmful metals. The yarn also passed the environmental test in the German laboratory and its free of pollutants. Another component of the yarn is silk and is also subject to strict quality control from reliable partners for years. This creates a natural and soft yarn that is produced according to the European ISO 9001 standard.

New Zealand yarn is more than just a combination of fine fibers. It is a yarn whose raw material is ethically sourced, used to preserve the environment and strengthen the country's local economy. At the same time, the extraction and production in one place enables not only simple traceability of the individual supply chains, but also a reduction of the CO2 footprint.

Germany: A knitting mill with tradition and quality consciousness

The textile town of Mühlhausen in Thuringia has a long history dating back to the 18th century. Even at that time, this place was known for its textile production worldwilde. For over 25 years our knitting mill has continued this tradition and is committed to the highest quality and know-how in the manufacture of knitted fabrics. The certified seal "Made in Germany" guarantees that the company produces 100 percent of its products in Germany. In addition, pos.sei.mo relates materials such as zippers and buttons from German traders, which are processed in the knit production. The German local production enables pos.sei.mo a direct influence on the entire manufacturing process. This makes the production chain clear and additionally ensures the quality. Thus, pos.sei.mo guarantees completely at one location a "Made in Germany" product that was knitted, sewn, packaged and sent completely at one location.

Eco ∙ Fair ∙ Sustainable - pos.sei.mo commits itself and its partners to responsible manufacturing practices.

pos.sei.mo commits itself and its business partners within the entire knitwear business value chain, including the supply chain and the distribution of the finished knitwear products to respect the core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and to integrate the principles of the fundamental human rights Article 23 into the corporate culture. Both pos.sei.mo and its business partners are committed to an eco-friendly production that respects social standards.


You can read our policy statement in the download area under corporate social responsibility.